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Provenance Network API


MOI offers the ability to provenance storage and interaction proofs on The Indus Provenance Network. This provenance layer allows Participants to verify proofs that have been written into it by other applications through the PN API.

The Provenance Network can manage two kinds of proofs:

  1. Storage Proof: The proof that contains the metadata of a digital asset. For example, the digital asset of NFT can be stored anywhere and the metadata of the NFT can be stored here.
  2. Interaction Proof: The proof that contains the provenance information about an interaction. For example, the fact that you attended the event can be provenanced globally, which offers some tamper resistance to the proof data.

Write Proofs

The ability to write proofs with the PN API is gated and must be accessed through ZenZee's Dot API Framework.
Please contact Sarva Labs for more information.

Read Storage Proofs


Read Interaction Proofs

curl -XGET '"{IXN_HASH}"'