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Quick start

MoiBit leverages MOI Id for identity management. Please get it from here, if doesn't have one.

Every request you make to moibit requires the auth token to be sent in headers along with request params.

MoiBit Auth Token#

nonce: some random string(message) which is going to be signed with Private Key of the Developer. signature: the signature digest returned after signing the nonce.
developerKey: the public ID/Address of the developer.

Sample MoiBit Auth Token

nonce: '1620064266646',
signature: '0xbbc223ad108d5c3603f53189d0282fb2b8d6b6bac2c8da811fc776231328487d47871c80a3a4cc04fea5cb43b695c55501c03b896d3cbd445d6ec5d9ce42f8321c',
developerKey: '0x83BB702E2F9A5D9d43Bc5cBc37C78BE9B1323b09'

Just in-case you want to check how your Authentication Token would look like visit your moibit profile.