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Get App details


Get details of the app


Request type - POST


Header KeyHeader ValueOptional
nonce<developer_nonce> No
signature<signature gotten after signing developer_nonce by developer> No
developerKeypublic id of the developerNo
networkIDID of the network the app belongs to No
appIDID of the app No

Response Array#

appID Unique Id of the application
appName Unique name of the application
networkIDID of the network app belongs to
networkNameName of the network app belongs to
appDescriptionDescription of the app
replication replication factor set for app
encryptionType Encryption type set for app
customKey Custom key to encrypt files under app if opted for.
isActive App is active or not
isRemoved Whether app removed or not
recoveryTimeRecovery time for app to restore the data
endUserList Enduser who is part of the app

Sample Response#

"meta": {
"code": 200,
"requestId": "765b845d-40f0-4fcf-a869-6a761d8e313e",
"message": "got app successfully"
"data": {
"appID": "0x1094D87c04EE89b25dcF5A4b58a93a1522c37EE7",
"appName": "testApp",
"networkID": "12D3KooWDbgURGDW7nMCBPhshwcKbKw5YbzhBzmwzDjLo8f2NkcA",
"networkName": "moinet",
"appDescription": "This is a test app",
"replication": 2,
"canEncrypt": true,
"encryptionType": 2,
"customKey": null,
"isActive": true,
"isRemoved": false,
"recoveryTime": 2277133926,
"endUsers": [
"enduserID": "0xB44003116fdD9EC0994961516D3b354680e7C340",
"isActive": true,
"isRemoved": false,
"isMoiID": false,
"recoveryTime": 2277133926