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Create an empty directory, which indeed can be used to hold the files.


Request type - POST


Header KeyHeader ValueOptional
nonce<developer_nonce> No
signature<signature gotten after signing developer_nonce by developer> No
developerKeypublic id of the developerNo
networkIDID of the network the file exist No
appIDID of the app the file the file exist Yes
enduser_nonce<enduser nonce> where enduser has moi_idNo if enduser has moi_id
enduser_signature<signature gotten after signing enduser_nonce by enduser> where enduser has moi_idNo if enduser has moi_id
enduserIDId of the enduser if end-user doesn't have moi_id Yes


Param KeyParam TypeDescriptionOptional
pathStringFile name or path No

Sample Response#

"meta": {
"code": 200,
"requestId": "577c5514-9384-41fd-b7aa-29e5d56abac5",
"message": "directory created successfully"
"data": "created directory successfully"