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Used to list the attributes of the file specifically in moibit apart from the traditional file attributes like file size, file name etc


Request type - POST


Header KeyHeader ValueOptional
nonce<developer_nonce> No
signature<signature gotten after signing developer_nonce by developer> No
developerKeypublic id of the developerNo
networkIDID of the network the file exist No
appIDID of the app the file exist Yes
enduser_nonce<enduser nonce> where enduser has moi_idNo if enduser has moi_id
enduser_signature<signature gotten after signing enduser_nonce by enduser> where enduser has moi_idNo if enduser has moi_id
enduserIDId of the enduser if end-user doesn't have moi_id Yes


Param KeyParam TypeDescriptionOptional
pathStringFile name or path No
versionIntegerFile version you want to deleteNo

Response Array#

hashContent identifier of the file
privacyFile Content encryption level
Encryption Type = 0 => Network Level
Encryption Type = 1 => Developer Level
Encryption Type = 2 => End user Level
Encryption Type = -1 => No Encryption
Encryption Type = 3 => Custom key Encryption
Encryption Type = 4 => End-to-End Encryption
replicasInfo of all nodes where file got replicated
shardsShards distribution of the file

Sample Response#

"meta": {
"code": 200,
"requestId": "313d27a9-4ef5-4d3a-9748-522dd968d31b",
"message": "fetched moibit world of the file successfully"
"data": {
"hash": "QmPEMfcpqJBk9o5RCeomH7wZ7uSTGQvRfJjqqWhjqF75nq",
"privacy": 0,
"replicas": [
"peerID": "12D3KooWBd9fCajGCshDLPzXKryKunBJvj2yqvtaEz6mnLrz7Zvf",
"status": "pinned",
"nodeID": "12D3KooWLQHCF6P5Cqx6rm9WmTx3hDsjnnvSeL2bc7rh2T8SCnKD",
"nodeIP": "",
"latitude": 20.0584,
"longitude": -18.278
"peerID": "12D3KooWLyQgriqsyVQfXSDZwKj5SuJF153vWoSsNV1aodtMNBtu",
"status": "pinned",
"nodeID": "12D3KooWPFDSQXQo78c2qVHPir1T2cMvq4y5PNA1gsad6NUs7iNE",
"nodeIP": "",
"latitude": 88.8147,
"longitude": -125.8704
"shards": [
"depth": 1,
"hash": "QmPEMfcpqJBk9o5RCeomH7wZ7uSTGQvRfJjqqWhjqF75nq",
"size": 256