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MOIChain Introduction


Current phase of MOIChain has a testnet called "Indus testnet". Indus is a multi-phase incentivized Testnet that encourages public to come together, try out the MOI stack, and get rewarded for early involvement in our community.

Build on Indus Testnet#

Developers need to join MOIBit to write to Indus testnet. We are coming up with whitelisting program soon to enable the developers write directly to Indus testnet.

  1. Storage proof: The proof that contains the metadata of the digital asset. For example, the digital asset of NFT can be stored anywhere (preferably MOIBit) and the metadata of the NFT can be stored here.
  2. Interaction proof: The proof that contains the provenance information about the interaction. For example, the fact that you attended the event can be recorded globally which cannot be tampered.